Digital Marketing Strategy Development & Management

NBT Growth builds the most effective digital marketing strategy in line with your brand goals, and manages the most effective action plan in the direction of your tailor-made marketing strategy. NBT Growth successfully architects and manages digital marketing actions in owned, paid and earned media.

Owned Media Management

Witin the scope of owned media, NBT Growth analyses your Web-Site Metrics, Mobile Site Metrics, Mobile Application Metrics, Customer Database Management and CRM Infrastructure, as well as your social media accounts.

NBT Growth provides;

• UX & design & development, engagement and SEO solutions, within the context of website management;

• UX & design & development, engagement & ASO solutions for mobile applications;

• Content marketing and social media accounts management solutions for your social media marketing strategy and

• CRM infrastructure and management solutions and e-mail marketing solutions.

Paid Media Management

The NBT Growth team builds the most effective paid media strategy and manages while constantly optimizing according to your brand's objectives.

Within Paid Media management, search engine advertising, social media ads (facebook, linkedin, twitter), YouTube ads, display advertisements, affiliate advertisements and mobile advertisements are managed through different advertising networks on all search engines, especially Adwords.

Earned Media Management

NBT growth team analyses “what your target audience is talking about”; “what they are talking about your brand” and “what they are talking about your competitors”.

NBT Growth builds the optimum earned media strategy for your brand and provides solutions in areas such as Social Media Seeding, Digital PR and Corporate Reputation Management.

Tech Solutions

NBT Growth Tech team assists customers to improve their digital experience and business performance by in-depth technical knowledge with lean approaches in order to deliver value more quickly. NBT Growth team provides Digital Product Management by embracing following topics:

- Understanding Business KPIs

- Potential User Analysis

- Persona Creation

- User Insight Collection

- Value Proposition Design

- UX Strategy

- UX Design

- Visual Design

- Frontend Development

- Backend Development

- Testing

- Continuous Delivery

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